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Oct 1

Don’t have to live like a refugee…

I can’t stand these initiatives. They lull liberal souls into thinking “the problem” is addressed through these idyllic solutions. There’s a refugee, an American dream, and there’s even something in it for you: his GREAT RECIPE!

I wish Ah Lun success, but I can’t consider this a very important cause or an adequate effort for Americans to address the problem of refugees when I see what I see, in the news, and even in the streets. Every day, I take a tram ride past a few Afghan refugees who have been on hunger strike for weeks while they appeal their denied application for asylum. They have sewn their mouths shut, slept in the cold and rain for weeks, with the threat of deportation to their war-torn homeland.

There are millions of Afghan refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers around the world. If you’re an American who cares about refugees, I suggest you spend less time learning the recipes of one man in the Bronx, and more time focusing on holding your government responsible for it’s foreign policy and foreign wars.

Liberal causes need to do a bit deeper soul-searching and less shallow soul-soothing. 

New Roots: Growing Good from the Ground UpSadza with Vegetable RelishAh Lun, a Burmese refugee, is promoting healthy eating in the South Bronx

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Jun 29