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Dec 8


Anti Fascist MMA tournament in Russia, I think. 

Yeah, here’s their facebook page

“It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organized, not only for everyday struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old.” Preamble to IWW Constitution

Dec 2
“The fact is that one must make live the positive passions. The positive passions are the ones that construct, whether one is in prison or outside. And the positive passions are the ones that construct community, that liberate relationships, that create joy. And this is completely determined by the capacity to grasp the movement of time and translate it into an ethical process, in other words, into a process of the construction of personal joy, community, and the free enjoyment of divine love.” Antonio Negri

Sylvia Pankhurst’s council communist critique of the nationalization strategies of the Communist Party of Ireland.

Food for thought. Let’s get dialectical…

Communism vs. reforms, mistakes of the Communist Party of Ireland - Workers Dreadnought 1922

from “Workers’ Dreadnought”, 1922


The Communist Party Of Ireland , Third International, through its organ, “The Workers’ Republic”, puts forward a programme for an Irish Republic

This programme is not a Communist one: we urge the Irish Communists to withdraw it and put forward a genuine Communist programme in its place.


(I) Ownership and control of all the heavy industries by the state for the benefit of all the people

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Dec 1


This is the second set of our critics of capitlalism image series that we’re uploading onto our Facebook featuring activists, historic figures, writers, artists, and movement leaders from various backgrounds and time periods idealogically united against capitalism.

You can see the first photoset of image quotes on tumblr here.

We’ll do at least one more set soon. In the mean time, like and share our photos on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter (@ThePeoplesRec) & everywhere else! :D

EDIT: Someone commented that the original Thomas Jefferson quote posted was false. That seems to have checked out as correct so I’ve replaced the image with a Wallace Shawn quote instead. Thanks for letting us know!

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Nov 27

Slavoj Žižek. The Buddhist Ethic and the Spirit of Global Capitalism. 2012 (by egsvideo)

David Rovics: Vanguard (by derentschlossene)

beautiful. where does this come from? looking for the source, can’t find it… made up?

beautiful. where does this come from? looking for the source, can’t find it… made up?

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Nov 22

Demands of the Spartacus League, by Rosa Luxemburg, 1918 - Incredible and Inspiring…

In order to enable the proletariat to fulfill these tasks, the Spartacus League demands:

I. As immediate measures to protect the Revolution:
  1. Disarmament of the entire police force and of all officers and nonproletarian soldiers; disarmament of all members of the ruling classes.
  2. Confiscation of all weapons and munitions stocks as well as armaments factories by workers’ and soldiers’ councils.
  3. Arming of the entire adult male proletarian population as a workers’ militia. Creation of a Red Guard of proletarians as an active part of the militia for the constant protection of the Revolution against counter-revolutionary attacks and subversions.
  4. Abolition of the command authority of officers and noncommissioned officers. Replacement of the military cadaverdiscipline by voluntary discipline of the soldiers. Election of all officers by their units, with right of immediate recall at any time. Abolition of the system of military justice.
  5. Expulsion of officers and capitulationists from all soldiers’ councils.
  6. Replacement of all political organs and authorities of the former regime by delegates of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils.
  7. Establishment of a revolutionary tribunal to try the chief criminals responsible for starting and prolonging the war, the Hohenzollerns, Ludendorif, Hindenburg, Tirpitz, and their accomplices, together with all the conspirators of counter-revolution.
  8. Immediate confiscation of all foodstuffs to secure the feeding of the people.
II. In the political and social realm:
  1. Abolition of all principalities; establishment of a united German Socialist Republic.
  2. Elimination of all parliaments and municipal councils, and takeover of their functions by workers’ and soldiers’ councils, and of the latter’s committees and organs.
  3. Election of workers’ councils in all Germany by the entire adult working population of both sexes, in the city and the countryside, by enterprises, as well as of soldiers’ councils by the troops (officers and capitulationists excluded). The right of workers and soldiers to recall their representatives at any time.
  4. Election of delegates of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils in the entire country to the central council of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils, which is to elect the executive council as the highest organ of the legislative and executive power.
  5. Meetings of the central council provisionally at least every three months – with new elections of delegates each time – in order to maintain constant control over the activity of the executive council, and to create an active identification between the masses of workers’ and soldiers’ councils in the nation and the highest governmental organ. Right of immediate recall by the local workers’ and soldiers’ councils and replacement of their representatives in the central council, should these not act in the interests of their constituents. Right of the executive council to appoint and dismiss the people’s commissioners as well as the central national authorites and officials.
  6. Abolition of all differences of rank, all orders and titles. Complete legal and social equality of the sexes.
  7. Radical social legislation. Shortening of the labor day to control unemployment and in consideration of the physical exhaustion of the working class by world war. Maximum working day of six hours.
  8. Immediate basic transformation of the food, housing, health and educational systems in the spirit and meaning of the proletarian revolution.
III. Immediate economic demands:
  1. Confiscation of all dynastic wealth and income for the collectivity.
  2. Repudiation of the state and other public debt together with all war loans, with the exception of sums of certain level to be determined by the central council of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils.
  3. Expropriation of the lands and fields of all large and medium agricultural enterprises; formation of socialist agricultural collectives under unified central direction in the entire nation. Small peasant holdings remain in the possession of their occupants until the latters’ voluntary association with the socialist collectives.
  4. Expropriation by the council Republic of all banks, mines, smelters, together with all large enterprises of industry and commerce.
  5. Confiscation of all wealth above a level to be determined by the central council.
  6. Takeover of the entire public transportation system by the councils’ Republic.
  7. Election of enterprise councils in all enterprises, which, in coordination with the workers’ councils, have the task of ordering the internal affairs of the enterprises, regulating working conditions, controlling production and finally taking over direction of the enterprise.
  8. Establishment of a central strike commission which, in constant collaboration with the enterprise councils, will furnish the strike movement now beginning throughout the nation with a unified leadership, socialist direction and the strongest support by the political power of the workers’ and soldiers’ councils.

IV. International tasks

Immediate establishment of ties with the fraternal parties in other countries, in order to put the socialist revolution on an international footing and to shape and secure the peace by means of international brotherhood and the revolutionary uprising of the world proletariat.

Rosa Luxemburg film, full


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