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Sep 27


Ms. Magazine’s inaugural 1972 cover vs. its 40th anniversary cover

What this says about the state of feminism, other than that we have a long way to go.

:( so sad… What happened?

I detect in me a suspicion that 3rd wave feminism and post-modern projects have part of the bare part of the responsibility… Thoughts? Books and papers on the subject? Please help!

Feb 13

Great George Carlin clip

"Pro-Life is Anti-Woman"

Nov 11

"How not to be punished for being a woman in Saudi Arabia"

Video from Amnesty International

Walking from the bathroom to the bedroom? Yes. Taking public transport by yourself? No.

Here’s our helpful guide on how not get punished for being a woman in Saudi Arabia. Remember, remember, remember - always ask permission.

Oct 24

This is a powerful video
Women everywhere are boxed out of positions of power
If you just start looking, start asking “where are the women?” in every scenario, your thought will inevitably be radicalized
The advancement of women in society, enabling and empowering women to flourish, is one of the most important revolutionary frontiers of our time, and perhaps one of the greatest and longest struggles we have inherited as humans
Don’t you agree? 

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